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Powering Fragrance Retail’s
Digital Transformation

AURA LAB is a fragrance finder, powered by Artificial Intelligence.
In the hands of your salespeople. On tablet.
Designed to personalize the experience.
Engineered to never miss out on a potential sale.


Digital transformation is imperative not only
to survive, but thrive in new retail



increase in sales is seen when
companies use technology and data
to personalize experiences.

— Boston
Consulting Group


of customers are more likely to
buy when the receive a positive
retail experience

— Eptica Retail
Conversation Study


would like to see greater curation
from retailers.

— Evolution of Retail,
Euclid, 2018


would like retailers to use technology
them learn about relevant products tailored
to their needs"

— Evolution of Retail,
Euclid, 2018


A personalised retail experience for each of your shoppers

“It is like having a perfumer in the store that knows every detail about every perfume, delighting and storytelling to each and every consumer about their curated choices.”

Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 11.06.44.png



State of the art technology

Scentech, our fragrance AI, is powered by a database of over 50,000 perfume formulas and has learned from hundreds of thousands of interactions. It understands a shopper’s scent preference & brand affinity to recommend fragrances among your assortment that fit the shopper’s taste - and it improves with every use.


Increase your sales

Don’t miss out on shopper’s desire to find a perfume that suits them. Improve your chances of converting a lead to a sale by 17%


Improve your shopping experience

Be equipped to delight at every moment with a personalised experience to each one of your shoppers. A happy customer is a returning customer.



Understand your shoppers better

Leverage the data collected using Aura Lab’s retail technology to better understand your shoppers and to optimize your marketing and assortment.






Easy to use.
Easy to implement.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Our design is so intuitive, it does not need any training to your staff. All you need to do, is let us know your fragrance assortment. Leave everything else to us.